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Introducing the world's first universal standard for battery designed specifically for powering e-bikes and scooters.

Our benefits and feautures


The implementation of RADIO Battery Standard is free for everyone from DIY enthusiast to serial car manufacturer or sharing operator.

This will require technical specifications such as describing physical and electrical properties, mounting types and options, connectors, communication protocols to provide anyone with ability to fully integrate battery with external device.*


5 minutes radius

RAIDO provides a quick and easy way to swap dead battery in charging stations in the format of vending machines

The network of Stations installed in strategic city points is the perfect charging infrastructure for e-bike/scooter sharing or last mile delivery operation. 

Also RAIDO provides cloud based software service and app for charging stations and batteries network management. Which have API for further integration with your IT-infrastructure.

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Diverse mounting options, allow to fit battery to almost any light electric vehicle.

Implementing RAIDO Standard Battery can be done by retrofitting existing vehicles, or by a vehicle's manufacturer during normal production.

*Which will be available on our site after patent applications


Our products


RAIDO battery can power almost any light electric vehicle.

It provides most common 36V with constant power up to 900W and capacity of 8,4Ah or 300Wh is enough to drive: 
- up to 50 km on a e-bike,
- up to 30 km on a scooter.

We use high grade li-ion energy elements that allow at least 2500 recharge cycles

Custom IOT-based BMS with full set of protections and history of use

LEVCAN (CAN-based open source protocol)

Full aluminium body, IP66, MIL-STD-810, shock and vibration protection

Smart customizable RGB backlights

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Modular charging stations.


Can be equipped with electro-mechanical RFID or app-activated lock

Can charge 4-50 batteries at a time

Powered by 120/220 V standard socket

On-board electronics and software for cloud control each battery charging process and status of the station itself via simple API.


Can be performed in indoor or outdoor design


How it works

Our partners

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Urent. Leading scooter sharing operator in Russia, with more than 40k fleet within 30+ cities.


Moby. The most biggest and fast growing bike sharing in Dublin.

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Rusharing. One the most oldest russian scooter sharing operators within 30+ cities.

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Poputi. Russian bike sharing operator with 5k fleet within 10+ cities.


Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

RAIDO is a project supported by the Skolkovo Foundation, participant of the Energy Cluster.


FASIE. Supported by the Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology, oldest Russian institution supporting innovations.

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Just Eat. Online food order and delivery service, operated in 23 countries, across all continents.

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Bleeper. Ireland-based bike sharing network.


Kleefer. One of the world's best known scooter brand, based in France.

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ZIMO. One of a world-leading supplier of scooters for sharing, made in China.

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X07. Electric scooters with swappable battery from France



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