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We have developed universal charging station to fit any swappable battery of any

RAIDO station is the basic element for building distributed network that reduces charging cost twice or even more.



Universal, fits any swappable battery

Charging stations can charge almost any battery since it use standard chargers, supplied by the vehicle manufacturer.

Intellectual power consumption control

Combination of RAIDO electronics and software provides intellectual power distribution to keep power consumption within the limit of a standard socket.

Using a standard for your country 
110-240 power socket makes easy to find a spot to install the station in any place suitable for a typical vending machine.

Cloud and mobile app

RAIDO cloud service for monitoring and control have a web-interface and API to integrate with.

Mobile apps (Android/iPhone) allow personell swapping batteries to maintain access and obtain information about charged batteries availability and many other parameters.

Fire protected

Fire alarm system have a few independent heat and smoke detectors, light and sound alarm, a few independent automatic fire distinguishers.

The battery compartment is made from
fireproof materials.

Other feautures


  • 2 independent ventilation systems keeps batteries and chargers as cool as possible to prolong their lifetime.

  • construction keeps batteries safe from intruders.Anti-vandal

  • Security system includes a camera, door state sensors, light and sound alarm. Have all kinds of threat notifications (email, twitter, SMS, web).




5 minutes

Distributed networks

A distributed network of vending-style charging machines creates multiple sources of charged batteries exactly where you need them.
Such a network used by the scooter/bike sharing operator,
requires twice less people to swap batteries, so the main operational cost is up to 2 times lower!

Сontrol over the charging process

The cloud-based management system allows you to take the charging process under centralized control, see where the batteries are located, their charge status, make forecasts and respond in time to various situations that occur during operation.

This will
allow to place fewer batteries per scooter and increase battery usage efficiency.




Voltage: 110-240 V, according to a country standard

Power consumption: 3,5 kW (EU standard outlet)

Number of chargers and batteries: 10-50 pcs., depending on your battery and charger

Productivity:     8 batteries/hour*
                           120-140 batteries/day (10-12h)*

* configuration for Segway Ninebot 550Wh battery,
and 210W charger

Dimensions, LхWхH: 0,8х1х2 m.

Footprint: 0,8 sq. m.


Our partners

Our partners

Без названия (2).png

Just Eat. Online food order and delivery service, operated in 23 countries, across all continents.


Moby. The most biggest and fast growing bike sharing in Dublin.


Kleefer. One of the world's best known scooter brand, based in France.

zimo logo.png

ZIMO. One of a world-leading supplier of scooters for sharing, made in China.

unnamed (2).png

Bleeper. Ireland-based bike sharing network.

logo x07.png

X07. Electric scooters with swappable battery from France



In case you are interested in our charging solution, feel free to contact us using the form below or email. 

We got it! Thank you!

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